Resolution No 3

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Resolution No 3

of the Extraordinary Congress of the Polish Judges

Judges of the Republic of Poland participating in the Extraordinary Congress of Judges express their solidarity with Turkish judges unlawfully dismissed from service in connection with recent developments in Turkey.  

We consider the current situation of our Turkish colleagues to be dramatic: judges have been dismissed from service, detained or imprisoned, their property has been seized and a number of restrictions have been introduced as far as the freedom of movement and the right to leave the place of residence are concerned.

Such steps taken by the authorities of the governing party constitute an attack against the representatives of judicial power. These steps were preceded by the introduction of legal regulations that significantly reduced the independence of courts and the independence of judges. Criticism of the direction of legislative changes expressed by Turkish judges in the fairly understood interest of protecting the foundations of the judiciary made the judges the subjects of repressions from the authority. 

The Polish judiciary environment declares its support and help to Turkish judges expelled from service. At the same time, it acknowledges that the use of democratic freedoms by the representatives of judicial power, including freedom of speech and the right to criticise legal solutions that undermine the judiciary, is an obligation of the representatives of the third power. It is also an expression of responsibility of this environment for the fate of the state and its citizens.

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